I might name my future daughter ‘Abi’ and here is why…

She’s a rare blend of inner loveliness and outer splendor.

She is Abigail…

A lover.

Before her lay a perfect opportunity; it was to be rid of Nabal, her wicked husband.

But she chose the path of love, a love that always endures, always hopes and always protects.

She is Abigail…



Full of insight and impeccable creativity, she acted fast, without delay, when all was in danger. She knew what she had to do and she did it.

She is Abigail…

A high priestess…



She atones for the sin of her husband and standing in the gap, pled like it was her sin. She gave the most generous gift to save her family.

She is Abigail…

A woman of valour…


She faces the fury of a powerful warrior, a path that could have led to her demise.

She is Abigail…

A lowly woman…



She put herself into the place and posture of a penitent petitioner before David and was not ashamed.

She is Abigail…

A peacemaker.

She risked everything to meet the angry warrior so that peace might rain.

She is Abigail…

A skilled talker.

With her soft and soothing words, she quenches the flaming anger of the King and earns a position in his palace.

She is Abigail, a lover, a peace maker, a high priestess, a woman of valour, lowly, wise and skilled with words.

Who are u?



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