Gravity is a lie!

It is year 2025 and your phone buzzes (if there are still mobile phones at that time) and it reads ” Breaking news: Gravity is a lie!”

What would your reaction be?

Like my little niece would say ” Gravity is a lie? that’s silly” and laugh.

But why does that sound silly? Well maybe because it is silly. Gravity is a law, a truth and whether you accept is or not, it continues. No matter how much you believe or refuse to accept it, if you throw a ball up, it’d come right back down. Such is the nature of truth…It is no respecter of persons; it has no regard for opinions. It is not relative; it is what it is.

It sounds just as silly when people talk about the ‘relativity of truth.’ They say things like ‘truth for you might not be truth for me.’ What does that even mean? Truth is truth, Gravity is gravity.

God is love but He will not change his stand because of you or me or anyone. He is a friend but He is fierce. He is loving but He is holy. You can’t ‘psych’ God. You cannot ask gravity to bend the rules for you, even if just once. Same with God. He asks us to come as we are but He loves us too much to let us stay the way we are.

So who are we really deceiving when we talk about the relativity of truth?


It is just like believing that Gravity is a lie.

The second book of Timothy chapter two and verse nineteen says that the Lord knows those that are His and all who belong to the Lord must turn away from evil.

There really is no two ways about it, no relativity. God determines what truth is and we are either in or out, hot or cold, all or none, for or against…so where do you stand?




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  1. J L Hunt says:

    Very good read 🙂


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