The Prince or the glass slipper?

What if there was a twist to the movie, what if Cinderella had to choose between the slipper and the prince?

Just for the next few minutes, let’s pretend that you were Cinderella and you had to choose between the slipper…not just any slipper, the glass slipper and the prince?

Don’t be too quick to choose. Remember that the fairy god-mother gave you this glass slipper…you are the only one in the world that owns this glass slipper, you cannot find it anywhere…it is not a red bottom, it is a glass slipper.

Also remember that this glass slipper would be useless to anyone else even if you decide to be charitable and give it out. Reason? It was made specifically for you…it would not fit anyone else. Moreover, this is a magical slipper…it was the only thing that did not disappear when the clock struck 12am and you had to leave the prince, and run off before you turned into that ordinary girl with ordinary clothes again. Only that glass slipper survived.


The reason you might have to choose between the prince and the glass slipper is because unlike the original Cinderella story, most ‘princes’ in this world would ask you to choose…Not every prince would travel the land looking for you – the one person whom the glass slipper fits. Some might ask you to choose what is more important to you, them or the slipper? Which would it be?


A verse of scripture comes to mind “Do not give to dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you into pieces.” This is found in the sixth verse of Matthew chapter seven.

Take yourself seriously. Cherish your faith, cherish your salvation, cherish the amazing gifts that God has given you; gifts given specifically to you, cherish your slipper…your glass slipper. Any friend, neighbor, co-worker, roommate…any prince… that does not value your glass slipper should not be close to you. Any prince that makes you give up your slipper is not the prince you are waiting for. Your real prince will make sure he finds the owner of the slipper.

Keep your glass slipper. 




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