How to get everything you need

Hi guys.

So I was bored one day… and was just sitting down in my room wondering what to do with myself. I knew what I had to do…journal, practice some piano, go for a run but I just couldn’t lift myself from the chair.

So I decided to put my laziness to good use… I went to Elevation church‘s website to get some good word (always a good place to get a good word)on their series on relationships called “The other half.” And yes… I got a good word. I decided to share it with you guys and also save in my archives for future reference.

The message was by the first lady Holly Furtick. It was titled ” Give what you want and get what you need.” I would outline the things that stood out to me.

So… There are rules about everything and there is a golden rule of relationships and it is called the rule of reciprocation. If I give you, somehow you owe me, you know it and I know it. If I invite you to hangout this week, I expect you to invite me to hang out the next week…it is just an unspoken rule.



This doesn’t always work.

Some people couldn’t care less what you do for them, and reciprocation is not a word in their dictionaries. She gave examples of roommates, who may not always know that it is their turn to take the trash out and so the room is stinking and everyone is waiting for the other.

Expectations from others we have helped, or given to, leaves us frustrated…feeling like we are not loved or appreciated enough to be given back to by the other person we have given to or helped…I am a witness…

But the bible says ” Give and it will be given to you.” We need to remember that God is the giver, not other people. He may use other people to give back but He may choose not to. But He will give back. He may choose to give back what we gave…e.g. money or he may choose to give back what we need, perhaps a lurking desire in our hearts. He may even choose to give back what we have given up on…a dream perhaps, but He is the giver and not other people.

A good example is the Shunamite woman who opened up her home to Elisha in second Kings chapter four. Elisha asked her what she wanted, because he felt like he wanted to reciprocate, but she asked for nothing because she only gave out of the abundance of her heart and not because she wanted something back.  (Another thing, we need to check our motives). But God met a need… a dream that she had given up on, He blessed her with a child.

Once we have this in our minds, we become less frustrated because we really don’t expect people to give us, God gives us. It becomes easy to go the extra mile for a friend (or an enemy) because God is the giver and not anybody else. Our motives become pure because we don’t do things anymore just to be seen or appreciated by people. It is liberating.

God knows exactly what we need and He will supply ALL our needs according to His riches in glory. So that very thing you want, give it. You want affirmation, give it, you want encouragement, give it!

So the challenge for the week is…find a need…someone’s need and meet it!

There are many other amazing lessons to be learned but I can’t write them all. Here is the link to the sermon, be blessed!


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  1. Love it! We absolutely must give to those who can use our talents, our shoulders to cry on, our helping hands. God will return whatever we give, and it will be greater than we ever could have imagined. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You are absolutely right! Thanks for taking the time!


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