How to fulfill your dreams

I am here today with two words for you: Keep building.

Well maybe not just two words…:-D


Anyway, back to what I was saying, every building, every bridge started by placing one brick, one block, one stone. Every journey starts with a step, every book started with a word.

Try this experiment: ask anybody where they see themselves in 10 years? Many will say they see themselves in a big house, with a good car and a thriving business, living the American dream.


We each have dreams in out hearts, visions of where we want to see ourselves in the future…and we want our dreams to come true so desperately, and so we say it, we ‘prophesy it’,we write it all over our walls, we remind God every now and then, but how many are ready to stay awake to pursue this dream?


How many are ready to get their hands dirty and build? We are a generation of instant gratifications and quick fixes. The easy way out is always the preferred option. We don’t want to have to work, struggle or sweat. We just want things to happen overnight, this is the reason why lotteries still exist today.


But if anything will last, it has to be built one block, one brick, one stone at a time. You are building something; I am building something; we all are building something. Question is, what are you building? Building takes work, commitment, endurance and determination . . . every day but one day at a time.

If you are building deliberately, consciously, purposely and purposefully, I applaud you and I encourage you to keep going.


Sometimes, people do not immediately recognize what you are building and because they do not understand it, they make fun of it, castigate and criticize it. But if you keep going, it soon will become recognizable and you begin to attract the world to your masterpiece.

Only you have the vision of what this magnificent building will look like. Sometimes, even when you try to explain and describe the vision to others, they don’t get it, and it is because they did not see it…at least not the way you do. Therefore, oftentimes, they do not react or respond in the way that you want, and even need them to. Keep building…one day at a time…and very soon, you will see your vision right before your eyes.


Many give up too early. Because despite all the sweat, blood and tears, this building…this vision is still not taking shape and form. It takes work to pour and invest into your friendships, your children and your relationships…and into your dreams. Do not be the person who is only around when the times are good and then disappear at the first sign of a storm.


Don’t build your house on the sandy seashore, because after all your hard work, all it takes is a strong wind to take it all away. Build on the rock, build on Jesus. Make sure Jesus is in support of this building. What does that mean? Don’t start this building unless Jesus approves. If it is built with Jesus’ permission, then you are all set! Except God says it is worth building, you will be wasting your precious energy.


Every day you are building, some with blocks, some with mud, some with some other material. What is the quality of your building? Are you doing all you can? Are you giving your best? When it will be eventually tested in the fire, what would happen?

Be encouraged, your building would soon become recognizable, you are nearer now than when you first started!


Keep building!



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