How to handle life’s delays

I am aware that a lot of people ( like me) love the summer, its warm and you can wear normal clothes!  You don’t have to be plagued by a jacket which is almost as heavy as you are and you can delete your weather app!

If people do not like winter very much, why don’t we see people go into despair when winter comes? Why don’t we see the emergency room flooded with people who attempted suicide? Why do people still go to work during the winter instead of lying depressed all day?

Because we understand the times and the seasons!

We know that it might be winter now, but it will soon be over and soon summer will come again. Despite the fact that you have to be stuck in the house most of the time during the winter, or shovel snow, you don’t despair (you may get upset though) because you know that it is only for a while, and so we do not give up on life during the winter, because if we do, then we will not be around to enjoy the summer that is coming. So we wait…

In the same way, recognizing the times and seasons in our lives would spare us a lot of despair and anxiety. If you knew that what you were going through would only last a little while longer, would you despair? or would you prepare for the next season?

first chronicles chapter twelve verse thirty two tells us that the men of Issachar understood the times and knew what Israel was supposed to do. If you understand the season of your life, you will most likely know what to do. Lets give an example right here, let’s say you want to be a renown writer, you have talked to God about it and both of you are on the same page, you have written a book, your first book, and you think it is a master piece, you are so sure that this is what will get you into the lime light, if only you could get it published.


And so, you submit you manuscript to several publishers but all you get is rejection upon rejection…and more rejection. You feel so depressed, but there are two things you can do at this point; you can either give up on the dream and decide that it will never happen for you, or you can decided that perhaps, it is not yet the harvest season, perhaps this is the planting season, in other words, perhaps this is the time you need to practice more, invest more into your writing,  hone your skills in preparation for the harvest.

This principle applies to anything you are waiting on God for, financial help, relationships, career, family e.t.c.

Do you get the point?

The problem with many of us, myself included is that we want to harvest and not plant, we want to gain our inheritance prematurely, that is why we can’t be too judgmental of the prodigal son in the bible who asked for his inheritance while his father was still alive because we do the same thing everyday. God wants to teach us the skills to keep our inheritance before giving us, otherwise we would mess it up.

Finally, recognize this season of your life might not be harvest yet, so make use of it, do whatever you need to do to prepare for the harvest season, plant, practice, pray, keep toiling. It is just a season, and seasons change.

Remember that there is time for everything under the sun…a time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to plant and a time to harvest, and guess what?

God makes everything beautiful in its time!



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  1. JESSY ROSE says:

    I really liked the analogy between ourselves and the seasons! I’d never thought of it like that before but it makes complete sense!

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    1. I am glad you liked it!! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. marijo1245 says:

    So very very true. Life is in His hands and in His time as long as we don’t quit Him along the way.

    Nice post!


    1. Yup! You are absolutely right! Thanks for reading!!

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  3. What a great thought and beautiful illustration with the seasons! Although I’m going to wager a guess that you don’t live in the Southern United States. Summer is miserable here and our winters are often pleasant. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! You are absolutely right, I am in MA! So I guess everything works the opposite way for you folks! Thanks for reading!


  4. mariewikle says:

    Beautiful! I love what winters we get here in the south. We rarely have good amounts of snow. The heat is what gets me. I hibernate in the summer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah! lolol! So you are one of the southerners, so everything works the opposite way for you folks! I am in MA…so winter is not my thing…not at all! lol!
      Thanks for reading!


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