Why you need to keep a smelly ox at your house

It does not matter if  you are a farmer or not, everyone needs a smelly ox at their house…not just an ox, but a smelly one; one that will mess up your perfect life and poop everywhere…one that will keep visitors away but keep friends close. You can even keep two! The more the better!


I stumbled across this verse in proverbs chapter fourteen verse four and it says “without oxen, a stable stays clean but you need a strong ox for a large harvest.”

Is this just another way of saying that you can’t eat your cake and still have it? Probably, but it seems a to have a  deeper meaning. Lets explore…


Of what use is a clean stable with no oxen? Really, the only benefit is that the stable stays clean but that is it, nothing else.There will be no harvest…because there is no oxen to do any work. There therefore can’t be any increase because the stable is empty and clean.


Lets think a little more…

How many of us have little perfect lives( our stables) that we don’t want anything to mess up? We try to get the best of both worlds and so we try to have both a clean stable and an ox, but that does not usually end well…


It is unlikely that you will find an ox that shares your sense of cleanliness or that knows enough to use the bathroom. It is highly…highly unlikely.


But if we want harvest…growth…increase, we have to let go of our little perfect stables and put a rugged smelly ox, not being afraid that it will make a mess, because with the mess comes growth, advancement and increase. Again, if the stable is just clean and empty, it is of no use to you and you might just lose the stable altogether because you are not gonna be able to pay the bills with no income…


What high standards are you holding your oxen to? What high standards are you holding people to? How perfect do people have to be before you let down your guard and let them into your life? What things have you let go of, because you don’t want it to mess up your perfect life? What opportunities for growth are you passing up and what people have you refused to reach out to, because you can not mess up your schedule?


Remember that God messes up our plans to give us a chance to grow, and opportunity to increase. They are called ‘interruptions’ and ‘disruptions’ of life…usually unexpected. Learn to embrace the mess! Trust God through it and He will make it worth while, you’ll see! His plan for you can not be more perfect!


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