Don’t forget to remember

Take a walk with me down memory lane…


Do you remember the time, when you thought you were going to die, but God brought you through miraculously? Do you remember when you did not know where your next rent was going to come from, but somehow God provided? Do you remember how you flunked that interview, yet God gave you the job? Do you remember when you prayed for that miracle and God gave you something even better than what you asked for?


Do you remember that course that seemed so difficult, but God blessed you and you passed it? Do you remember when you were on the verge of depression and even suicide but God sent a helper? Do you remember the time when you thought you would never be able to go to college, but God provided? Do you remember when your kid was ill and you were so scared, but somehow, she got healed? Do you remember when you were ill, but God healed you? Do you remember that near-death experience when all of your life flashed before your eyes, but God said it was not yet time? Do you remember that accident…that car accident you were in, but came out whole?


Do you remember the addiction, yes the addiction that you struggled with, but God delivered you. Do you remember? Do you remember the time you doubted that God was good…the time that you went astray, but like the good Father that He is, God brought you back to Himself? Do you remember when God just led you to the right person whom He used to change your life?


Even if you did not have any of these experiences, do you know that there are people without a roof over their heads? Do you know that there are people with no food to eat? Do you know that there are people praying for a job? Do you know that there are people looking to God for kids? Do you know that there are people who died in car accidents? Do you know that there are people who suffered from the same disease that you had, and lost their lives? Do you know that there are people who cannot breathe well? Do you know that there are people struggling with addiction?


I wonder why we always have spiritual amnesia when we are waiting on God. Like the children of Israel, we fail to remember all the things that God has done for us.

You may still have some things you are waiting on God for. A deliverance, a breakthrough, a touch, provision… but don’t forget to remember all that God has done, and don’t forget that God has the final say. Don’t forget that like the angel told Mary, no word from God can ever fail; what He says, He will do.


Don’t forget that God has a good plan for your life, a plan for good and not for evil as in Jeremiah chapter twenty nine verse eleven. Don’t forget that all things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose in Romans chapter eight verse twenty eight. Remember that God is not a man that He should lie as He said in Numbers chapter twenty three verse nineteen. Remember that God’s hands are not too short that he cannot save not are his ears too dull that he cannot hear ( Isaiah chapter fifty nine verse one).


Remember that God hears you EVERYTIME you pray and He answers (first John chapter five verse fourteen and fifteen).Remember that God is good and that He loves you.

And when you remember…say thank you.

Inspired by sermon from Christine Caine


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  1. Such a powerful reminder to be thankful for all that we have as we patiently wait for the next blessing God will give us. 😊

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  2. He is such a good, good Father. Thanks for reminding us as we wait expectantly for God to answer our prayers, that we must be thankful for all that he has done. He’s a man of his word, and I take comfort in knowing that truth. Nice post.

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    1. Yes He is! Thank you for reading!!!

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  3. Edith says:

    No more spiritual amnesia. Thank you Lord for everything. Good post

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    1. Yes!! Thank you for reading!


  4. smudge says:

    I love that concept of “spiritual amnesia”! Not excited that I often suffer form it, but the concept itself is so tactile, so real, so true! It’s a phrase I will carry with me – a reminder of how NOT to be – as I give praise during the waiting hours.

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    1. love your honesty! we all suffer from it, it’s just funny how we forget every other thing that God has done and just focus on the one thing we are still waiting for. Sometimes, I wonder how I would feel if I were God.

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      1. smudge says:

        i’m so very grateful He is who He is, and i am not tasked with such an awesome responsibility!

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