Listen to the voices in your ear

Sometimes when we are about to buy a piece of clothing, we can literally hear our best friends or sisters in our ears say “do not even think about it.” And many times that is what guides what we eventually get for ourselves, because we think “what would she think of this? Would he think this is okay?” This applies to a lot of decisions we make and not just clothes shopping. Sometimes its even what a parent or a pastor said that comes back to your mind when you are about to make a decision.


This is not abnormal. This is exactly why the bible said you should seek counsel, listen to your parents( may not be biological parents but people you consider as mentors). It is also why the bible said not to hang with bad company.

I know and I recognize that sometimes parents, friends (even good friends) and church folk can be overbearing…but aren’t we all that way sometimes? Instead of ignoring them, listen…listen for the wisdom in what they say.


A command is a ‘lamp’ as the bible describes it, and teaching a ‘light’. Perhaps one of the reasons why we are ‘confused’ about life or what next step to take in certain situations is because we have rejected the ‘lamp’ and ‘light’ and so we can’t see. Perhaps the answers to some of ‘life’s confusing questions’ lies on the tongue of someone that God has placed over our lives.


Plans fail because of lack of counsel, not because the plans themselves were no good to begin with, but sometimes, because we think we know it all. We run into trouble that could have been avoided just like the prodigal son who was trying to be independent but squandered his whole inheritance.

Do not be stubborn like the goat, do not be too independent to consider the good voices God has placed in your ear. Value the person(s) God has placed over you (even if you are over 18). Tap from them all the wisdom you can, so that there would be illumination for your path.



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  1. It’s always important to listen, because you never know what kind of wisdom you might hear!

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    1. You are absolutely right! thanks for reading


  2. bravojoy says:

    Nice post! Your blog has an amazing layout & looks very nice!

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    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot!


  3. Love it! What a great read! Maybe you could look at the short story that I posted on my blog? Any comments would be much appreciated 😊

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    1. I definitely will! Thanks for reading


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