Remember that ALL power belongs to God

This world is a stage and there is a play of power going on. The actors in this play are not just politicians but everyone, everywhere.Everyone wants to feel powerful because power gives us the illusion of control.


Even in relationships, one person wants to have the power, this is one of the reasons we quarrel and fight. It is all a power struggle. We are jealous of other people we consider to be equals and so when they seem to become more ‘powerful’ than us e.g a job promotion, a raise or  a new child, we react.


Why else is it that, some people want everything that someone else has? Is it really the possessions themselves or just the desire to be in a position of power (over that person).

The question is, why do we want power so desperately? It is because there is fear…fear of the future…fear of the unknown. Power thus becomes a back up, it gives us an illusion of control. Power becomes something we rely on to navigate and make sense of our experiences because in reality, we are nothing but scared little children walking on this earth, many not knowing how they came to be nor where they are going.


Power is just an illusion, because nobody on earth really has control. If we cannot even control the weather, what can we really do? We can not even control our breathing, the workings of our own brains or body functions. With all our ‘intelligence’, we do not really know for certain what tomorrow brings, the best we can do is guess. We have no clue, we all have no clue. So really, we are powerless.


ALL the power belongs to God! Aren’t you glad that all the power belongs to God? Imagine if it belonged to someone else who did not like you?

Proverbs chapter sixteen verse thirty three says, “a lot is cast into the lap, but its very decision is from the Lord.”

What is the implication of this? If all power belongs to God, and God is good, then we do not have to worry about tomorrow because He already knows tomorrow and He has told us that His plans for us are good and He would bring us to an expected end, then we have nothing to fear!


Ever wondered why God favor the humble and not the proud? Why God chooses the weak and not the strong? Why He chose Moses who was a stutterer or Gideon who was the least in the whole of Israel? Ever wondered why Nebuchadnezzar had to live with an animal’s brain for several years?

It is because ALL power belongs to God!


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  1. I love this post. All power and glory belongs to God. I think as humans we are driven by our self sufficiency. Because of that need to make sure that we are happy we naturally want to control everything. If someone wants tacos but you’re craving burgers you want to influence the others to choose burgers not because it’s a better option, not because there’s something magnificent about the burger or profound, but because you simply feel like eating a burger. The moment we give ourselves to God and a life of service is the moment that “Need” for power dies down and we are able to let others have their say. In my opinion that is.

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    1. Wow! That is deeeeeeeeeeeep! Very well said! Thank you so much for sharing this!

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      1. You’re welcome, thank you for the post.


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