Let me introduce you to you

When God made us, He made us whole…complete people. But for some of us…life happened…

Events of life…made us…deficient; created wounds and scars that affected the way we see ourselves… and made us less than whole. For some of us, we were betrayed by people we trusted and now we have what we call “trust issues,” and this has made us less than whole.For others, it may be failure at something and now we are not confident to do anything, not confident enough to be all that God called us to be. Yet for others, it is the issue of self- pity that has stemmed from the unfortunate situations you have found yourself in. For others, it is anger issues, issues with insecurity and identity crises, resentment…a scar that restricts you from becoming your best self, the self that God intends you to be.


This brokenness permeates throughout our lives and relationships, they show themselves in everything we do and say. Sometimes we expect others to fill this ‘deficiency’ that we have, or perhaps help heal our brokenness. When they fail to, we become even more broken and it becomes a dangerous spiral. Only God can heal our brokenness and out scars. He makes all things new!

You may have been healed from the injury, but the scar remains. You may have forgiven the father who hurt you, but trust issues remain. You may have forgiven yourself for your mistakes, but you are no longer confident. The injury might have healed, but it is time to deal with the scar.


I have news for you. God’s goal for you is wholeness…completeness…not lacking anything. How do I know this? He said it in John chapter ten verse ten. He said “I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.” You may not have everything you want, but you can be complete. You may not have all the friends and relationships, education, financial stability you want, but you can be whole. You may not have people you love approve of you, but you can find your identity in God.


The first step to wholeness is recognizing that there is some brokenness, some scar, some deficiency you feel, some trust issues, some resentment, some self-pity, some anger issue, something less than whole. The next step is to ask God to heal you. Remember that He wants to. Tell him everything, cry like a baby if you must and let it go…


Begin to learn who you really are; learn what God says about you.Think it…walk it…talk it…believe it…This is the you that God made…the whole you, the complete you! This is the you that is strong, confident, not wallowing in self-pity. This is the you that can trust other people, the you who is secure in yourself, the you that does not need the approval of other people. This is the you that has self-control and can walk away from provoking situations. It is the you that is the best version of yourself!


Some situations are complex and may require more work. I encourage you to meet a more mature Christian or an elder and let them help you through the healing process. I promise you, you would be glad you did.



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  1. Edith says:

    Hmmm! This is deep. Thanks for the post

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  2. Thank you for reading!


  3. Bonsai says:

    It is worse I think when your brokenness caused considerable damage to others. it is so very hard. But I beame a believer 6 years back and it saves me daily.

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    1. You are absolutely right! Our brokenness does not affect us alone, but even the people around us. Thank you for making that point!


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