How to be irresistably attractive

I don’t know about you but I have met some certain people that I just like to be around, and I notice that others like to be around them as well. Not because they are exceptionally beautiful or handsome, but there is something that is very attractive about them…kind of like how a bee is drawn to a flower.


It’s the aura; it’s the sense you feel when you are around them – a positive energy that just gives life to your soul. It’s like the calmness a child feels when he is asleep in his mother’s arms. A lot of this has to do with what they say, but it has more to do with who they are.

What word can I use to describe this?

Peacefulness…that is exactly what it is.

Peacefulness. Even just saying the word itself brings a sense of calm. It is very attractive. The fact that I know that when I come to such a person with an issue, I leave there feeling less stressed and more trusting of the plan of God. It’s not just me, but God loves a peaceful spirit. He said in His word that a gentle and quiet spirit is precious to Him.


…A gentle and quiet spirit is a spirit that can listen and hear God. It is a spirit of quiet confidence in God even when everything and everybody around is going crazy; a spirit that firmly believes that God is in control. It is a spirit of faith…faith in God and His promises.

This is not really a matter of being an extrovert or introvert. A quiet spirit does not always mean a quiet mouth; however, it is possible that a person who is overly talkative might be experiencing some chaos inside. It might be a telltale sign of inner turmoil.

What is a noisy spirit? One that is worried all the time, fearful of tomorrow; a spirit that is quick to react to people and circumstances; a spirit that is not sure of its identity; a spirit that lacks self-control and a spirit that cannot wait. It is a spirit that is anxious and a spirit that does not listen. This type of spirit radiates, and people can sense the negative energy, even when such people don’t speak.

Well, how can we become attractive? How can we have gentle spirits?

Ask God.

Jesus said, take my yoke upon you, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Jesus came to give us rest…rest for our souls. There is no need to fuss around anymore, let it sink deep down in you that God has got you! He is a good Father and His plans for you are good! Recite it several times a day, paste it on your walls, your mirrors, just let it sink in… God loves you and nobody who puts His trust in the Lord will ever be put to shame. You just keep following His lead and you will get to the promised land.


A gentle spirit is not only attractive, it is healthy. Stress is a major cause of many health conditions. You are even more at risk of getting the flu if you are stressed out.

Let your spirit rest in God…that is what He wants and that is what you need…Take whatever it is to God and leave it with him. Many of us take things to God but we fail to leave it with Him.

What does it mean to leave our issues with God? Does it mean that the thought would never come to your mind? Absolutely not, but you have to counter it with God’s word. Say things like “I have prayed about it and God will answer” or “It’s in God’s hands now” or you can say a quick prayer and not dwell on the thought after you have prayed. Refuse to think more about it…try to think about something else and let God’s peace rule your heart.

Rest…receive God’s peace and become one of the most attractive people on earth!



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  1. Beautiful piece. How easily people miss what makes people truly attractive.

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