When the problem isn’t really the problem

Each day brings with it a set of challenges, some days more than others and in varying degrees. Some of them are extremely frustrating, draining and down right depressing. I have been there as I am sure many others as well.

I noticed though, that sometimes, the problem really is not the problem. It may not be the actual reason for the frustration and depression. Then what is the problem, if the problem is not the problem?

It is called perspective…

Sometimes the way we look at situations may be even more frustrating than the problem itself. In my experience, I find that once my perspective is changed concerning what I consider to be a huge, insurmountable mountain, the  problem turns into a mole hill.

Here is a good illustration. Look at this glass of water in the picture below:


Is it half – empty or half – full? If I decide to look at it as half – empty, I am likely going to be frustrated. I would wear myself out thinking about all the things that need to be done to get it filled up. I might think ” after all the work I have done, it is still half empty, when would I ever fill this cup up?” Focusing on the emptiness, the missing parts brings frustration.

Granted, the problem is that the cup isn’t yet full, but what if I changed my perspective? What is I decide to think of the cup as half full and not half empty? What if I start to think this way; “The glass is half full! I am almost there, I am closer now than when I first started”. Perhaps this might lead me to consider how blessed I am keeping in mind that there are people who whose glasses are even less full. Perhaps I would be appreciative that at least half of the work is done. I might even be motivated to work harder to get the glass to be full. This type of perspective  brings relief, release, hope, passion and renewed strength!


Here is a thought, what if you even praised God for the glass that was half full? What if you trust God to finish what He started?

We need to look at situations through God’s glasses ( not that God wears glasses). It is not always easy or even possible to do so by ourselves, but when we ask God to help us, He answers. He shows us a different side of the same problem – His side and then we can find peace. Sometimes He sends people our way to help us see the other side of things. It is living a life of complete trust in God.

Looking at things from God’s vantage point builds faith and trust.




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  1. ayushi says:

    Insightful read! It all comes down to perspective actually. 🙂

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    1. Yes it does! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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