The conversation in your head

Jenna speaks :”I said ‘hi’ to Mr Allen last week after service and he did not respond, he did not even turn to look at me. This was not the first time, neither was it the second. He does not seem to ever respond. I sit on the couch thinking to myself ,’why does he not like me? What did I ever do to him?’ I try to think of how he responds to other people, like my other friend at church, Frank. Frank seems to get along really great with Mr Allen. ‘What is wrong with me?’ I start to think to myself. As I am wondering about this, I think about what happened to me two years ago when I could not seem to get along with one of my co-workers. She just did not like me, for some reason and after a while, I began to notice that the others became cold towards me.I begin to form a trend in my head, a pattern… and I slowly begin to believe the fact that there is something wrong with me and that is the reason why nobody likes me. As if that is not enough, I start to remember when I was in high school and was bullied, and I still remember Big Dan‘s words to me, ‘you are good for nothing, nobody likes you’. I ignored that for several years, but thinking about it now…perhaps he was right, something is wrong with me…”

Jenna believed the lie that something was wrong with her, because one person was not responding to her. Little did she know that Mr Allen had a hearing problem and you had to actually get his attention before he knew someone was speaking to him. When Frank finally mentioned it in passing one day, Jenna finally understood and felt silly. Unfortunately, she had already believed the lie that something was wrong with her and that nobody liked her.


This is how the devil works. Sometimes he comes into your logic, your reasoning and whispers to you in your own voice. His lies seem reasonable, even logical but they cannot be farther from the truth. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and so he makes suggestions to you that would steal your peace, kill your joy and destroy your hope and faith in God.

We need to learn to recognize the lies of the enemy, even when they are in our own voices. We need to have super-sensitive lie detectors over our hearts. No wonder the bible says to guard our hearts with all diligence.


We also need to let other people, other children of God into the conversations that we have in our heads, because we do not always recognize the lie because it sounds so true. If we had people, godly friends to help steer us in the right direction, then we have less risk of falling into error and wrong conclusions. This is why the bible says that two are better than one, because we help each other.

One of the ways by which the devil tries to get us off the path is first by isolating us from other people. Because you are disappointed in one person, you decide to no longer attend church all together or hang out with your godly friends anymore. It seems logical, but this is the tact of the enemy so that he can start to feed you with lies.


This wrong thinking is also how suicidal thoughts develop…from lies from the devil. Don’t be a victim. Don’t do all the information gathering, analysis and conclusion by yourself. Talk to someone today.It could be a friend, counselor, family member or pastor.

If you can’t find someone to talk to, please get on the contact page and send The Tellers Tales a message!

God bless!





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  1. Rubi says:

    This is hard to admit all that I read , applies to everything I’m going through. God got me through it by just taking the focus out of me ,and on to him in all his glory. It heals me everyone, I get better.
    And I must go back, no matter what the devil throws at me, he’s gonna throw it anyways. God is going to be there for me and all who need and want him to be. I got to focus on God that the main corse of everything. We got to regain focus.
    Hey thanks a lot for informing us and letting God into your heart and focusing on him to help your brother and sisters in Christ, neighbors, strangers all who’ll listens.

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    1. Thank you for being so open and honest! we all go through this, but only few are bold enough to say. Thank you sharing, God is indeed is with you all the time!


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