Why you can’t afford to live on the sidelines

A lot of problems we have today stem from family issues, childhood problems, unfortunate events growing up, bad experiences with relationships and so on. These things have a way of affecting our concept of who we are. For example, someone who has been in and out of bad relationships, someone who was given away at birth, would likely feel a sense of rejection.

Studies have shown that our backgrounds and family tree is a likely determinant of how far we go in life.


But not all of us have pedigrees that we can really be proud of. For some of us, even the circumstances surrounding our birth would not qualify for a bed time story.


We belong to another family…as believers, we belong to the family of God. We are the children of Abraham, Jew or not. By grace, we have been adopted into the family of God and so we get to carry on the legacy.

So let’s go back a little into our history…

Abraham was a rich man…he was called to be the father of many nations!

Joseph was just a young boy with dreams and had to go through a lot of frustration, betrayal and disappointments but God used him to solve the world’s hunger problems.

David, was a shepherd boy and though he was not perfect at all, he was the greatest king that Israel ever had! Not just that, but he was a man after God’s heart!

Ruth…was from Moab; she lost her husband but remained a faithful friend to Naomi and followed God. She was included in the genealogy of Jesus!

Jesus…born of Mary… is the Savior of the whole world!


These are just a few… we can go on and on…

This is your family tree and this is why you cannot afford to stand on the sidelines. You have greatness and potential in your genes. God has called you for a purpose like He did these your fathers and mothers…

Carry on this legacy. Do not be less than you made to be. Don’t live on the sidelines of life, you were made for more.


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    1. Thank you! I would definitely visit your blog!

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