Dare to believe!

We base a lot of our decisions on facts and  statistics. We studied the Normal distribution curve in school…we know what is likely to happen and what is not, we know what is possible and what is not possible…

Jesus had told his disciples that He was going to be killed on the cross, but would rise again after 3 days. I wonder if they really believed it or just pushed it aside as we do many of the things which make us uncomfortable. Perhaps it was easier for them to live in denial than actually believe what God said was true.

But true to Jesus’ words…He died… I cannot imagine what the disciples must have felt that Friday and Saturday.Everything they had worked for…died…after all the struggle…sweat and tears, all the sacrifices they made…prayers they prayed…Jesus died. It must have seemed as though the world had ended…


Some of us feel that way right now… that child has just refused to change…you lost your job…that loved one died…someone broke your heart…that relationship failed…your business crashed…the divorce happened…you lost your house…that disease is still eating away your flesh..

I am here to ask you today to dare to believe. Dare to believe that God would turn things around for your good. Dare to believe that God does what He wants and does not follow the worlds ratios and statistics…

On the third day, just as He had said, Jesus rose from the grave! And because He rose, you will rise too! His death and resurrection signify hope for us, hope for the future, and because He lives, we too can live!


So dare to believe that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, can restore everything that you lost and give you everything that you are praying for. Dare to believe that that child can still change, that God can restore your house. Dare to believe that God can heal you, and that He can give you the peace and the love that you desire. Dare to believe for the impossible!

Dare to believe in God who ALWAYS keeps His promises!


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  1. A strong message here. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Opinionated man!!

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  2. Edith says:

    I like this! I pray for faith to dare to believe

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  3. Hope Nwosu says:

    This is similar to my last night’s speech at the church service.
    God is true and just. Unchangeable and reliable.

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    1. You are absolutely right Hope! Thank you for reading and following!


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