Teach people how to love you

Have you ever been disappointed? By family or friends? People you thought had your back? You expected so much from them, but they just fell short?

We are usually disappointed when people don’t do what we expect them to do, and it brings on feelings of not being valued, loved or appreciated.


Sometimes though, it is not entirely the fault of the people who disappoint us. Sometimes, they just don’t know what it takes to make you feel loved and appreciated. Ignorance and lack of communication, a lot of the times can be the cause. They brought you flowers and left, but they did not know you wanted them to be physically present. They sent you the contact information of the person in charge of the program you are applying for, but they did not know you wanted them to call or send an email on your behalf. Sometimes, the people we love just don’t know how to love us and who better to teach them than us.

Think about it, do you know how to love God? Do you really know if what you do shows that you love God? How do you know that God is more pleased with your obedience than sacrifice? Because He told you so! That’s my point.

God teaches us in His word how to love Him. He said we love Him by obeying His commandments. This is how we show Him that we love Him.

If your loved ones are constantly disappointing you, perhaps the problem might just be that they do not know how to love you and if you never tell them, they would never know. It takes a lot of guts and humility to be able to teach people how to love you because it exposes you to the risk of being truly hurt if they choose not to do it.



It happened to God… when He created Adam and Eve…He told them how to love Him…by not eating the fruit of the forbidden tree but they chose to disobey and hurt God. However, if there was no choice, if God had not told them how to love Him, there would never be a chance at real love. God sent Jesus to redeem man and now we who choose to obey God show God how much we truly love Him.

So I urge you today, don’t just sit there feeling disappointed. Teach people how to love you and learn also how they feel loved. We all have our different love languages. Some feel love differently than others. Don’t just assume you know how to love people, or assume that they should know what to do in order to make you feel loved. Teach them and learn yourself. Give them a real choice to love you and give yourself a chance to truly experience love. If they disappoint you, forgive them and move on, but don’t ever deny yourself this great gift from God.


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  1. Luna says:

    It’s funny how you go through a situation and then read something that makes you feel as if you were meant to read it lol. This is one of those posts. Thank you for posting it 😊. Happy Sunday


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    1. hahah! awesome. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Edith says:

    Indeed there are at least five different love languages. People perceive being loved in these different ways. We need to learn the love language of those close to us


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