Don’t be too logical

Logic is great, logic is good, logic is necessary, logic is useful. God gave us sound minds…He wants us to think before we make decisions and not act blindly. We need logic to solve a lot of the world’s problems. We have to be logical when managing our finances. We have to be logical when choosing our careers. I bet you would not want to see a doctor who does everything based on how he feels.

However, sometimes, God calls us to suspend logic and just follow His leading. In other words, to rely on Him more than we rely on what is ‘logical’. Does that sound logical?



It did not make sense for Peter to walk on water, but he threw away logic and trusted God. Abraham at 100 and Sarah at 90 had a child. If that is not against the laws of nature, I don’t know what is. It may make sense to go left but be willing to Go right if God says so.

God knows the end of a matter from the beginning. You might think going left is the best way for you, but God might only open a door on the right. Truth is, you don’t really know what is behind the door on the left. You do not really know what is good for you.

A Nigerian adage says, “An old man can see sitting down what a young man can not see standing up”. The difference really is in the wisdom and experience the older person has. How much greater then, is the difference between our understanding and God’s?

God knows your end from your beginning. His plans for you are good. He knows what you think you want now, but He also knows that you would change later. H knows what you would need even if you don’t think you want it, so dare to trust. Follow His leading one day at a time. Don’t be too logical. God trumps every logic. Remember the bible says that the wisdom of men is foolishness to God.

A lot of our anxiety happens because we think we have to figure everything out. We try to be logical and deliberate about every decision but really, can logical decisions always get you to a desired end ? No, and the reason because you don’t know the future – you are not God.

It may seem logical to a toddler to handle a knife to cut the label off his new shirt but to an adult who is of superior reasoning, it is not logical at all. It is the same with us and God. We need to surrender to God’s superior logic.

Dare to trust Him!


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  1. Edith says:

    So very true!


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