When God leads you into a trap

Have you ever felt like God led you straight into a trap?

Me too.

Apparently, we are not the only ones, the same thing happened to the children of Israel:

God made a promise to the Israelites that He would deliver them from the hand of Pharaoh and lead them into the promised land, and He did. Pharaoh was so stubborn but after many plagues, he eventually gave up and let them go. It must have been great a victory for the Israelites who had been enslaved by the Egyptians for so long. Even the most faithless person must have believed that God was alive and that He was with the Israelites. The Egyptians also knew that the hand of God was upon them. There was no doubt.

But soon, it didn’t feel that way anymore.   Pharaoh and his army started chasing them. The Israelites were terrified and came to the point where they found themselves in between the devil and the deep blue sea literally. They started to panic.


Can we say that God led them into a trap? Surely He knew that Pharaoh and his army were going to chase them. He is God, so He must have known that they were going to meet the Red sea in front of them. Actually, He led them there and the proof was pillar of fire and cloud leading them.

Does this situation sound familiar?

God leads us and we know He is leading us. We are excited to follow, and then suddenly we get to this dead end. We get confused and start to panic. Did I really hear God well? Did He really lead me here? What is going on? I thought He said to come here? Why would He deceive me? Why would He lead me into a trap? I thought He loved me?

The Israelites not only panicked, but they graduated into despair…despair that led to murmuring and blame. Blame for Moses.

Before we point accusing fingers, let’s think back to ourselves. What did you do in that moment of confusion when you found yourself at a dead end? What are you currently doing in this moment of trial? Are you wondering what sin you committed that earned you this? Are you wondering why God hates you? Are you wondering if God is faithful and powerful enough to keep His promise to you? Or have you taken the wheel and decided you are better off handling the situation yourself?

Some wise person said that ‘trials are often not a result of disobedience but rather a consequence of obedience.’

Look at Job in the bible. Was he tried because he was disobedient? No. On the contrary, he was tried because he was the only one that reverenced God in the whole earth at that time.If the Israelites had disobeyed and had not left Egypt in the first place, they would never have been found in that situation.

Seems unfair I know…

But God… never fails. He does such an amazing miracle that nobody sees coming. He parts the red sea.

In our confusion is when God shows Himself strong. It’s when God has your attention. It’s when God builds faith in you. It is the time that God changes your perspectives. It is the time that you learn the true condition of your heart. It is the time that your roots go down deep. It is the time when God shows you more of Himself…

In your confusion, trust. The fact that you are at this point does not necessarily mean that you missed God’s leading. It means that God is getting ready to show Himself mighty. He is with you and like He told the Israelites, He is telling you today, “Stand still and know that I am God. There is no need to fight, because the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord’s”


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  1. So encouraging. I love your posts.

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    1. Thank you!!! means a lot


  2. Edith says:

    Hmmm. Tough message; true nevertheless. God bless you for this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you too and God bless!


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