Adam and Eve are to blame

Before I was done with college, I thought life was easy. I thought everything followed the rule of ’cause and effect’. I thought every question had an answer and every problem a solution. I lived by one principle: Do the right things and you get the right result. At least that worked for my school work. I did not understand injustice, suffering, discrimination, pain, confusion, despair till I got out of college. It was as though life was just waiting to show me that it did not have such a pretty face after all. I looked around me and began to see all the pain in the world, all the questions that had no answers and the problems for which solutions could not be found. Hard work did not always produce great results and success was not always a consequence of dedication.

I was not immune to these hardships and at some point I felt like this was all there was to life, a race of sorrow and troubles toward the finish line. This was not the life I thought I knew as a child…where is all the love in the world, the innocence, the peace, the goodness…

I then remembered that the earth was cursed and so was mankind because of the sin. The sin, which was a result of man’s greed for power… the disobedience that caused a separation from God. It’s all Adam and Eve’s fault…How could they eat the one fruit they were told not to eat? They knew it was wrong…but they attempted to redefine sin. Sin was no longer disobeying God’s laws…the definition of sin became …not doing what your heart wants to do. It was all their fault…


But as I point accusing fingers at them, I can’t help but see the four other fingers pointing back at me. Am I not guilty of the same sin? Have I not attempted to redefine sin as an excuse to tamper with the forbidden fruit? Haven’t I decided that what God says is wrong is not wrong? Yes…we are guilty, we are all guilty.

I guess I am not qualified to throw this stone of accusation but rather beg the Master who is writing in the sand to forgive me for this great wrong. Forgive me for accepting what the world tells me is truth, when it is not God’s truth. The world is deceptive, just like the serpent in Eden. We are doing exactly what Adam and Eve did. We are really no better. So…can we really blame Adam and Eve?

Unfortunately for Adam, Eve and their descendants, redefining sin, or thinking about it in a different way does not free us from the consequences. At best, it is self deceit.

In what ways in our lives have we tried to justify our wrong actions instead of asking for help from God? It’s never too late to repent…God is waiting for us with open arms.


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