The problem with Miss Goody two-shoes

Many people had rough pasts before they found Jesus. When they found Jesus, everyone could easily tell that there was a change. It was obvious…

But this is not everyone’s story. Some others weren’t really on the ‘rough’ path before they encountered Jesus. In fact, they were pretty good people before they found Jesus and after they found Jesus, they were still good. The change was therefore not readily seen. It almost looked like they didn’t need ‘saving’. Some of us were born and raised in church and have known no other life. I have a name for a person like this – Miss Goody two-shoes. They are the types that were born in church and had been in the choir even before they could speak.

There is nothing wrong with being Miss Goody. It’s what people strive to be. She is one of the easiest people to get along with. Unfortunately, without Jesus, there is no difference between Miss Goody and the serial killer in terms of their eternal fate. The bible says; ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…ALL…everyone. We all are unqualified to stand before God, because even on our best days, our righteousness is like a filthy rag before God. The only thing that qualifies us to stand before God is the blood of Jesus Christ. It’s the blood that has made us righteous before God…nothing else.

Because of her immense virtuousness, Miss Goody sometimes thinks that it’s her good works – going to church every Sunday, welcoming strangers into her home, turning the other cheek, paying her tithe regularly, volunteering for Sunday school, serving on the worship team, doing all the chores around the house in good time, catering to everyone’s needs – that will earn her approval in God’s sight… Well it is not so. Approval is only through the blood. Not that the things she does are bad, absolutely not. They are commendable, but these good works do not contribute to her reputation in God’s eyes.

Even when she is in Christ, sometimes Miss Goody feels the need to do everything right, to have it all together and do all the ‘works of God’. This is because somehow, (consciously or unconsciously) these seem to contribute to her sense of ‘worth’ in her eyes and ‘God’s eyes.’ So much so that when she falls short of her expectations of herself…by the standard she or her environment has set, she begins to feel shame. She also feels shame for feeling shame because good girls should not feel shame. Her heart condemns her. She tries to punish herself by making more rules and setting higher and stricter standards.

But God has a message for Miss Goody today:

“My child, I have already redeemed you…you are mine. No one can snatch you out of my hands. In your weakness is where my strength is made perfect. The law – including the ones you make for yourself, is not to help you achieve salvation, but to show you that you need a savior… and I am your savior. Why are you worried and upset about many things? You are righteous in my eyes through the blood of my Son. Nothing you do or don’t do can contribute to this or take away from it. You have been saved by Grace through faith and it is my gift to you.”

So rest…


Your identity is in God and nothing can change that. Receive His Grace…go with His flow…relax.


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  1. Raylene says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about here! You are basically describing me in my early years! In some ways, those of us who fall into this category actually have a tougher time than those who are saved from the obvious sinful life. It just seems easier to deal with the sins that are obvious than it is to deal with stuff that’s hidden to the world and even ourselves. Very thankful to God that, even though it was decades after I got saved, I finally starting understanding grace! Whew!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your amazing story! Thank God for His grace. Thanks for reading too!


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