A note from BeeJay

Hello everyone and welcome to the Teller’s Tales blog. I know what you are thinking…’what does that even mean?’…


I wish I could tell you that as I was walking to the mall on a sunny Saturday afternoon, a bright light stopped me in my tracks (a light which only I could see), or perhaps a loud voice that I heard call my name at 3 am in the morning that gave me the name, but no…not really…none of those…

Well…what I can tell you though, is that I for sure, am not the Teller…God is. I am only here to tell His tales…the ones He already gave in the scriptures and the ones He is still writing in the lives of His children.

I hope you will join me to tell the Teller’s tales as He wants them told.

A lot of people, especially young people do not read the scriptures anymore. Sometimes…it seems boring…or not really easy to understand…a tad bit irrelevant …or perhaps it’s just easier listening to someone else read. True but there is A LOT people do not know about the scriptures… everything in there is relevant for this present time…perhaps it is just the way we were taught.

My aim is to tell the Lord’s tales in a way that we can all see…how relevant it is for our world today,see and understand the principles that can take us far in life…and trust me…you will see that ‘scriptures’ and ‘boring’ should not exist in the same sentence!

Join me to Tell His Tales!

Its me,